La tendance est à l'asymétrique

The trend is asymmetrical

The monoloop trend involves wearing only one earring to create visual asymmetry. The avant-garde idea has already won over many jewelry brands that are redoubling their creativity to dress our ears.

On a daily basis, you can wear it in a mini and discreet version. Just bet on an earring that goes with everything, in a minimalist style, like a small golden hoop or a symbol earring. You can then match it with a neutral mini hoop on the other ear if you don't want to leave it bare. The other option is to add an earcuff to one ear . It is a kind of small rings that slip on the side of the ear. Ideal for accentuating asymmetry and creating a beautiful and original association, even without having piercings! The monoboucle is worn to stand out on any occasion. For an evening or an event, it brings that little modern and unique touch to your looks!

Do not hesitate to bet on a style of asymmetrical earrings and play with mix & match for a look that suits you .

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