About Us

The brand and its values
- Some manufacturing details
Caelum jewelry is meticulously
designed in our small workshop in Geneva . prints, parts
craftsmanship and fine stones are all elements
hand-assembled that allow Caelum jewelry to come to life.
- The values of the brand and the virtues that we are keen to pass on to you
Metal and fine stones are
incredible transmitters of energy and are able to transmit to you
all this energy flow that the creator concentrates in matter during
moments of creation and assembly of your jewelry. Jewelry
Caelum will know how to vibrate to your rhythm and become one with the person
who chose them.
In this spirit of flow transmission
energy, the founder of Caelum Bijoux is committed to bringing you
all the energies that pass through her when she creates and manufactures
hand your jewelry.
Convinced that in each of you
niche a divine part, it has the ambition to help you
reconnect to your inner goddess and all source of energy and
of positive wave that this one symbolizes.
The founder and creator

Behind Caelum jewelry hides a young designer who decides to take her courage with both hands in 2020, to embark on entrepreneurship.

A great word to describe the creative ambitions of a young woman like her.

Passionate about the arts from an early age, she has always felt the need to create, to manufacture, to imagine, to draw...

For some years now she has entered the fascinating world of esotericism and energies to learn how to love herself and take care of her soul. Through the creation of jewelry, she learned to channel her energy flow within the stones and metals she works.

So here she is, today with the desire to combine her thirst for creation with her taste for fashion and esotericism.

Here is the beginning of a story that she would love to write with you.