Le jaspe impérial, une pierre qui pourrait me convenir ?

Imperial jasper, a stone that could suit me?

As its name suggests, Imperial Jasper commands respect by virtue of its mesmerizing beauty. It is a natural stone with virtues balancing the ego on a daily basis, and which ensures authority and inner strength .

Imperial Jasper is an extremely balanced and balancing natural stone, which allows you to find your rightful place in everyday life. It helps in the proper management and implementation of current tasks, by its ability to anchor you in the present moment.

Imperial Jasper brings you a deep connection to the softness and strength of our planet. It transmits the energy of Mother Earth to you, on a daily basis, to support your actions.

Thus, it strengthens your anchoring , the link with your physical body, your presence as well as the heart link you have with the Earth. On a material and physical level, this stone helps you find, take and assume your place . Imperial Jasper helps you create your own territory, in order to preserve your vital and personal space, on the material and human levels.

This stone is right for you if:

  • You are not materially comfortable
  • You can't set your limits
  • You can't do concrete things
  • You devalue yourself
  • You don't feel anchored
  • You can't find your place
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