Les vertus des gemmes

The virtues of gems

Since ancient civilizations, precious stones have fascinated man first for their aesthetic appeal, but also for the magical virtues attributed to them, and which we continue to attribute to them.

True fruit of the earth, it takes a few million years for a natural stone to form. Each one is unique and it is their inclusions and imperfections that make them so beautiful.

Recognized for their virtues for a very long time, they are bursting with revitalizing energy. Thus, they bring to its holder benefits on the psychic and physical rebalancing, as well as on the refocusing of the chakras.

True well of energy, those if are also sponges and thus, they absorb the good ones like the bad vibrations. This is why it is important to purify them and recharge them punctually.

The simplest method of cleaning and reloading the stones and which will best preserve the metal of your jewelry is as follows:

Simply place your crystals on a bed of unrefined coarse salt and let them sit for 10 hours, then discard the salt.

Carefully choose the stone that suits you and it will vibrate with you at all times!

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